Fire safety

In order to avoid the occurrence of a fire, knowledge of and adherence to fire safety requirements is most important. Often, fire is caused by carelessness and disregard.

Homes often have an old and incompetently improved electrical system. Call an electrician who would eliminate the problems or advise you in which order to improve the situation.

The most dangerous heating equipment uses open fire – furnaces, fireplaces, ovens. Never leave a fire unattended. Maintain your heating equipment and have your chimney cleaned regularly. The internal walls of an unclean chimney may accumulate a flammable layer of soot. Get a smoke detector, fire blanket, and a fire extinguisher!

The three essential protectors of the home are a smoke detector, which alerts you to a fire by sounding an alarm, a fire blanket, which extinguishes a grease pan, TV, or some other small fire, and a fire extinguisher, which helps with extinguishing a larger fire.

Using a smoke detector is mandatory!

You can find advice on making your home fireproof from the Rescue Board’s fire safety website.
Notify the alarm centre of a fire accident by calling 112.