Police education, police service, assistant police

In Estonia, police education is provided by the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, offering vocational and higher education as well as Master’s studies in the specialities of internal security. The vocational education studies of a police officer last for one year and the higher education studies for three years. The studies are in Estonian and include daytime study. Cadets are provided free food, accommodation, and uniform, and they receive a scholarship.

An Estonian citizen who has attained 19 years of age, has a secondary education, is proficient in Estonian to the extent established by law or legislation issued on the basis of the law, and meets the requirements for professional qualification of a police officer, may be employed in service as a police officer.

People who wish to contribute to the safety of their community can, in Estonia, participate in police work as volunteers, in addition to their regular job. Any Estonian citizen who is at least 18 years of age, is proficient in Estonian to the required extent, has not been punished for an intentionally committed criminal offence, and is capable of worthily performing the tasks of an assistant police officer thanks to his characteristics, moral values, physical preparation, and state of health, may apply to be an assistant police officer You can find more information on applying to be an assistant police officer from the website www.abipolitseinik.ee.