The Police and Border Guard Board is the biggest state authority in Estonia where more than 5,000 police officers and employees work to ensure the safety of the people.

The main tasks of the Police and Border Guard Board are:

  • maintaining public order and traffic surveillance
  • process of offences and enforcement of punishments
  • guarding the border and border control
  • search and rescue operations at sea and on bigger lakes
  • detection and elimination of marine pollution
  • issuing of identity documents
  • processing of citizenship and residence permit applications
  • protection of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and visiting Head of Foreign Countries
  • guarding of nationally important objects specified by the Government of the Republic

Four departments of the Police and Border Guard Board organise discharging of these functions:

  • Central Criminal Police
  • Public Order Police Department
  • Border Guard Affairs Department
  • Citizenship and Migration Department

The Board’s regional units are prefectures – North, South, East, and West Prefecture.