Medical care

A family physician provides general medical care, ensures accessibility to and continuity of health care services.

A family physician’s areas of work include:

  • promoting health and preventing diseases;
  • diagnosing diseases and treating patients;
  • referring patients to active treatment or nursing care.

Family medical care is free for people with health insurance. People without health insurance need to pay for the family physician’s services. You can check the name of your family physician:

  • from the state portal’s Health Insurance Fund’s e-service Health insurance and family physician;
  • from the Health Insurance Fund’s customer service offices;
  • by calling the Health Insurance Fund’s information line at 16363.

The number of the family physician advisory line is 1220.

Specialised medical care is an ambulatory or stationary health care service provided by a medical specialist or dentist and other health care professionals working with him. Specialised medical care may be outpatient, but usually it is performed in a hospital. A family physician’s referral is not necessary when going to the following medical specialists: gynaecologist; dermatologist; ophthalmologist; pulmonary physician; dentist. In addition, it is possible to visit a surgeon or traumatologist without a family physician’s referral in case of traumas.

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