The birth of a child is registered at a parent’s request, within the first month of life, at the vital statistics office.
The child is given a first and last name, as agreed upon by the parents. If the parents do not reach an agreement, the guardianship authority shall decide which name to give the child.

The last name could be the common last name of both parents or a single parent’s last name or, if the parents have different last names, one parent’s last name. Multiplets are given the same last name.

Upon registering the birth, custody details shall be entered into the population register. Married parents share custody. Parents who are not married must choose whether one or both parents will have custody. Custody is a parent’s responsibility and right to take care of his/her minor child and includes the right to care for the person of the child and the property of the child. A parent who has the right of custody is the legal representative of a child.