Similarly to citizen’s rights, the Constitution also regulates the citizen’s duties. Citizens of other countries and stateless persons staying in Estonia are also obliged to follow Estonia’s constitutional arrangements. The citizen’s main duties are obeying the constitutional arrangements and participating in national defence. A male Estonian citizen has the mandatory duty to serve in the Defence Forces. A young man who refuses the military service must complete the alternative service. In case of state of emergency or war, additional duties may be assigned to citizens in the interests of national security and law and order. If there are no other means, every citizen has the right to show initiative and resist violent amendments to constitutional arrangements.

A citizen is obliged to:

  • obey constitutional arrangements
  • participate in national defence, men aged 16-60 years
  • take care of their children and family members in need of assistance
  • preserve the living and natural environment and compensate for damage inflicted to the environment.