Civil society

A civil society is a participatory society that involves people according to their interests and capabilities, including cooperation at one’s own initiative in discussing public matters and participating in decision-making. This means that every citizen can submit ideas and proposals to the government and actively have a say in state matters.

In order to participate in state matters and be an active member of civil society, Osalusveeb (Participation Web) has been created.

The task of Participation Web is to involve Estonian civic associations and residents actively in the discussions about matters of importance to society. In Participation Web, you can submit proposals to the government. Efficient and relevant opinions and proposals are welcome. As well as criticism about what should be changed in the state and ideas on how to do it. The subjects have been distributed in Participation Web according to the responsibilities of each ministry.

In Participation Web you can:

  • submit ideas and proposals to the government; 
  • collect signatures to support a citizens’ initiative;
  • express your opinion about the government’s draft legislation;
  • search for legal acts or strategy documents. 

The objective of the Estonian Civil Society Development Concept, adopted by the Riigikogu, is the increased involvement of citizens and their associations in the development of policies and legislation. Each ministry handles the issues that have been stated in the legislation of the Government of the Republic.