Estonian language courses

Many private language schools offer opportunities to learn the Estonian language. As a rule, you need to pay for the courses. Costs for learning the Estonian language are funded from the state budget for people applying for the citizenship of the Republic of Estonia and people forwarded to language exams by the Language Inspectorate. In both cases, Foundation Innove shall pay the compensatory allowance.

Keeleklikk is a web-based Estonian language course for beginners (0–A2). The course is meant for learning on the basis of either Russian or English. The structure of the course is built upon the principle that learning will yield better results if it is interesting and fun, and linguistic phenomena are repeated and practiced in a number of different contexts. This e-course for learning Estonian is available for free and without restrictions, all that is needed is a computer and Internet connection. The Keeleklikk project was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research and support from the European Social Fund.

The web environment TERE-TERE is a collection of information on Estonia and Estonian culture, opportunities for studying in Estonia, the experiences of new immigrants-students, and the organisation of education. Information is updated constantly; links to newly published materials appear under the subsection “Study Materials”

Frepy - an environment of learning through play. Games ending with “ee” are in Estonian.

Under the Pesa section of the Miksike web page, there are various competitions for Estonians living abroad (interactive exercises for practicing grammar, quizzes, etc.). The purpose of the project is to develop and preserve the Estonian language and culture, and to offer children the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate language learning and communication with other Estonians.

Vocabulary materials by the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People.

Courses in Estonian language and culture developed by the University of Tartu. Materials are intended for independent work, or work under the tutelage of a teacher.

Audio-visual study course “Eesti keel ja meel” (The Estonian Language and Mind), for learners of Estonian. The course is available on-line and can be accessed from a personal computer. The study course is comprised of a film, auditory dialogues, pronunciation materials, a grammar book, exercises and vocabulary. The objective of the course is to provide an opportunity to learn Estonian and get to know Estonian culture.

Beginner level study materials for learning Estonian on the web page ONENESS - On-line less used and less taught language courses. This teaching aid is targeted at an adult learner who wants to combine the process of learning a language with the acquiring of cultural knowledge. ONENESS is suitable for independent language learning or repetition, and also for teachers who wish to bring some variety to their language classes. The teaching aid was designed in such a manner that the material can be used in conjunction with traditional language learning methods.

Materials by the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People, with various Estonian tests on-line (i.e. level exam sample tests, diagnostic tests, etc.). Helpful when preparing for a level exam.

Text materials for studying Estonian.

Various video materials and accompanying worksheets available here.

E-Fant is an on-line Estonian language learning environment helping people to prepare for the national Estonian exams and to improve their Estonian language skills. E-Fant has both reading and listening tests and a large number of exercises. Tests and exercises come in three difficulty levels.

You can test your Estonian language skills in TESTEST