The state of Estonia is known in the world for its innovative information technology solutions. It is precisely because of this that Estonia has been characterised as an e-government.

All Estonian citizens who are at least 15 years old and residing in Estonia permanently must have an identity card or ID card. This also allows them to give digital signatures and perform transactions. An ID card reader, PIN codes, and special software - DigiDoc Client - which can be downloaded for free from http://installer.id.ee/ - are required. A digital signature is valid in the same way as a hand-written signature. The ID card and Internet make communicating with the state and local governments easy for the resident.
An ID card allows you to participate in the election of the Riigikogu, European Parliament, and local government, and participate in a popular vote. An ID card gives the person the @eesti.ee email address.
Via the state portal www.eesti.ee, people can communicate with state institutions electronically. It is a safe web environment that provides several e-solutions. Via the state portal, Estonian residents can manage many things, for which they previously needed to physically travel to the spot, fill in papers, and spend lots of time.