Working in Estonia

Generally, a foreigner living in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit may work in Estonia without an additional work permit. As of 01.09.2013, work permits are no longer separately issued in Estonia. A work permit issued before 01.09.2013 shall lose its legal effect in regards to the foreigner’s right or the lack of right to work in Estonia and the person’s right to work shall hereinafter arise from the Aliens Act.

A foreigner who has obtained a temporary residence permit based on legal income cannot work in Estonia.
Besides working in Estonia under a residence permit, a foreigner may also engage in short-term work in Estonia. Short-term work is permitted in Estonia without a residence permit for up to six months within one year. In Estonia, a foreigner may engage in short-term work without a residence permit if he is staying in Estonia legally with a visa or visa-free.

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